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YesJob Is A Digital Recruiter That Provides Instant Access To The Right People For Any Type Of Urban Based Job.
YesJob Automatically Matches Jobs To Job Seekers. When A “Matched” Job Seeker Clicks “Interested” We Send You Their Digital CV.

Simply Register Here As An Employer And List All Of Your Job Vacancies For FREE!

How It Works


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YesJob provides instant access to the workforce!

We can help any type of Employer – Company or Individual – to connect with the right people for any type of Job.
Simply create a job listing and tell us exactly what you need. YesJob will identify all App Users that “Match” with your requirements.
We automatically send a job notification to all “Matched” Job Seekers, if they click “Interested” we send you their Digital CV.
If you want to view a person’s contact details you just pay a small fee.

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YesJob connects people to great job opportunities!

It doesn’t matter what your background is - YesJob covers all types of job - professional and non-professional, skilled and unskilled.
Your profile information is 100% Private - only if you click “Interested” on a job do we send the employer your Digital CV.
Simply download the App, complete a quick registration process and we will notify you about great job opportunities!
There is No Job Search and No Effort required. YesJob does all the work!

What We Do


We Provide Access To The Workforce.


We Match Jobs To The Right People.


We Connect Employers To Job Seekers.

YesJob is truly unique – finally there is an online recruitment tool that has actually been designed to make life easy for Employers!

James Umpleby

Managing Director - ProCapita Indonesia Executive Search
Sampel produk disruptif teknologi terkini, sangat berbeda dibanding e-recruitment sebelumnya...tanpa ada biaya berlangganan, keren!

Irwansyah Utama

Digital Marketing Consultant
Saya selalu mengeluh mengenai sulitnya mencari pegawai jaman sekarang. Setelah mencoba aplikasi Yesjob dan merasakan sentuhan magisnya sepertinya anda semua patut merasakan apa yang saya alami. Mudah, simple, dan efektif!

Rama Notowidigdo

Former Chief Product Officer - Go-Jek
Bulan Agustus 2017 saya pasang iklan di Yesjob. Setelah menyeleksi beberapa kandidat yang Cocok & Tertarik akhirnya kita mendapatkan kandidat bekerja di bulan Desember 2017. Keunggulan Yesjob biayanya murah dibandingkan dengan situs loker yang lain.

Lilies Ho

General Administration - Idefab